Why 3Scapes?


While there aren’t nearly as many MUDs out there as there were back in the early days of 3S’s parent, 3Kingdoms, there are still quite a few vying for your attention. So why play 3Scapes? Here are a few of the reasons we think 3Scapes is the greatest MUD around:

Speedy guild advancement

One the main differentiators between 3Scapes and most MUDs is the speed at which a player advances. Sure, MUDs are meant to provide long-term entertainment instead of something you can beat in a day or two, but that doesn’t mean you should be stuck playing in the lower level areas for months on end. 3S guild advancement rates are much faster than the norm. This means players get to access more game content faster. It also means the casual gamer has an easier time keeping up with the hardcore grinders.

Unlimited Alts

We allow players to add a new character every time one of their characters reaches level 50. This means players can explore as many 3Scapes guilds as they like without sacrificing the time they’ve invested in a particular guild or character. We have some players that have 10 or more characters!

Friendly Rules

We forbid botting and player killing. 3Scapes is meant to be a place where casual and friendly gamers can get together to kill monsters, explore the game, and chat with others from around the world. There is certainly a place for people that enjoy trash-talking, killing each other’s characters, and automating their character to gain experience while they’re not there. That place just isn’t 3Scapes.

Recruitment-Free Guilds

Almost nothing is more frustrating on a MUD than wanting to join a particular guild, but not being able to find someone online that can recruit you. That isn’t an issue on 3Scapes. Players can join any guild they like without the assistance of another player.

Unique Content and Constant Development

The 3Scapes Archons are constantly adding and updating content as are the game’s other active coders. You’ll find unique guilds such as Warders, Angels, and Witches. You can explore popular new areas such as the pc-game inspired Diablo 2 Act 2, the oddly mouth-watering Krispy Krematorium, or the darkly fantastic, Blackfathom. And you can test your skill with new quests such as Cacodemon and Sleeper Must Awaken.

Rewarded Exploration

It’s easy for mudders to find a few favorite areas and spend the vast majority of their time in those areas grinding the same monsters again and again for gxp. There’s nothing wrong with that, but 3Scapes aims to reward those that explore the game in more depth. Players earn a skillpoint for every 1000 rooms explored and an xp bonus starting at 10K rooms explored. They can also find marbles, medals, and crafting ingredients hidden throughout the realms. With over 40K rooms for players to find, 3Scapes wants to be sure players have a reason to discover every one of them!

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