Author Matt Handle, using the character name of Rumor, joined the 3Kingdoms MUD as a player in 1995. Five years later, he rose to the rank of wizard and coded a series of popular areas, eventually reaching the game’s highest wizard echelon, Archon. In 2009, Rumor’s fellow Archons offered him the opportunity to branch out and create a new version of the game. He accepted and named it 3Scapes.

3Scapes, or 3S for short, has grown larger and ever more diverse since that day. Now boasting over 1300 characters and more than a half-dozen active coders, 3Scapes is a unique world that caters to the casual retro gamer and the hardcore grinder alike. With over 40K rooms, nearly 100 quests, 15 guilds, dozens of professions, a robust party object, personalized clans known as “syndicates”, merc hirelings, and a huge crafting system, the fun things to explore in this virtual world are nearly limitless!

Many of today’s younger gamers may not immediately recognize the attraction of a text-based game, but for anyone that values the depth of a good book over the film adaptation, or anyone that wants to play a constantly expanding and evolving interactive game with players from all over the world, 3Scapes is a rich environment that welcomes new players every day.

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